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Mr. Vardan Mkrtchyan, 26 years old, single. Lecturer at the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema and actor at the Hamazgayin Theater. Professional responsibilities include teaching history of theater, conducting workshops and developing teaching methods as well as working as an actor at the theater. Challenges in the professional field: theater is outdated in Armenia there is lack of modern theater techniques since the western theater production is not studied in Armenia. Professional goals include initiate and develop workshops at the Institute by Sargis Chemlegdchyan, a French-Armenian producer; organize art festivals of contemporary drama in Armenia; conduct seminars in cooperation with the London based Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and to produce a musical with participation of Armenian singers. Topics to be discussed in the US: how to organize an art event (and to be involved in one while he is in the US), what text books and manuals are used in theater training and higher education institutions, US laws on theater and art, repertoire theaters and commercial theaters, and who are the leading experts in the field of theater training. Travel abroad: Iran in 2001, Germany in 2002, Yugoslavia in 2002 and England in 2004. Hobbies and interests: playing piano, watching sports games (soccer) and swimming. English: excellent



The Cambridge - Yerevan Sister City Association organization invited 10 Armenian theater directors through the Community Connections Visitor Exchange Program for three weeks this summer. The program included meetings with theater companies, dramatic arts centers, associations, universities and performing arts professionals in Boston and New York City. The pictures above are taken during their visit with ADAA.


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