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ADAA and the Tufenkian Foundation continued their collaboration this year, organizing a series of summer workshops at the Manana Youth Center.
The workshops featured diasporan Armenian filmmakers and animators who shared their work and their insights with Manana’s youth.

Vrej Kassouny, animator and founder-director of “ReAnimania” (Yerevan International Animation Film Festival) gave a master class for Manana’s animation studio.

Allen Hughes, director, producer and screenwriter (“From Hell,” “The Book of Eli”) held a master class in film. Both workshops were well-received and included a question and answer session, giving the youth a chance to express themselves and get to know their role models.

The workshops coincided with the Golden Apricot Film Festival, which Kassouny and Hughes both attended. Many thanks to Debbie Ohanian, who worked with Tufenkian in making all necessary arrangements.

Since 2003, Manana has been preparing creative young people to become leading journalists, photographers, designers, and filmmakers. The school aims to provide comprehensive education for children from 6 to 18 years old, educating them both in developing creative skills and in becoming responsible, independently thinking, socially active citizens. The center currently has 100 children attending regularly.

Manana is co-sponsored mainly by the Tufenkian Foundation and Paros Foundation. For more information, go to www.mananayouthcenter.org or www.armeniandrama.org





ADAA Members Anita Vogel and Robert Davidian teach at Manana along with
Program Director, Klara Moradkhan




Project #1 - Film Making Workshops

In the summer of 2007, ADAA teamed up with the Tufenkian Foundation for two separate projects. The first was consisted of two full day workshops in Yerevan for "Manana", a children's film-making NGO which is sponsored by the Tufenkian Foundation. These were led by documentary maker Carla Garapedian and feature film maker Gor Kirakossian. You can view some photos from the workshops directly below.
The second project was the gathering and delivery of film-making equipment to Armenia for young film-makers. At the bottom of this page, you can view the members involved in making this worthwhile project happen.




Tufenkian Foundation, ADAA collaborate to benefit young filmmakers in

by Antranig Kasbarian

LOS ANGELES - In a new and innovative partnership, the Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance (ADAA) and the Tufenkian Foundation have joined to assist young filmmakers in Armenia. Working with the Manana NGO for talented youth, the two groups initiated a summer filmmaking workshop featuring noted directors Gor Kirakosian and Carla Garapedian. More recently, the groups have arranged the donation of state-of-the-art film and video equipment, which has been shipped to Manana through the generous assistance of the United Armenian Fund.

"We felt that the Manana workshops went incredibly well. The children were delightful and they seemed to absorb like a sponge everything they were being taught," noted ADAA President Bianca Bagatourian. "Both of our instructors were very taken by them and I believe that Gor Kirakossian has promised to go back a few times and continue. He was teaching them very practical and technical things, and by watching the classes we gained a much better idea of exactly what is needed.

"For the past 10 years, Manana has offered comprehensive education to gifted youth in the visual arts, media, and creative writing. Nearly 100 children attend its Yerevan center, where they receive not only technical skills, but also training in analytical thinking, self-motivation, and social awareness. Manana's young talents have already participated at international competitions, receiving awards and nominations for their films and other creative works. The Tufenkian Foundation has served as Manana's lead sponsor. During 2007, other groups most notably the Paros Foundation - have stepped in with substantial contributions as well.




Project #2 - Film Equipment Donation


ADAA Board Member Joan Agajanian Quinn, donor Jen Garakian, ADAA Board Member Diana Hekimian, and John Andranig Kasbarian from the Tufenkian Foundation

The second project was the gathering and delivery of film-making equipment to Armenia for young film-makers. Arrangements were made to have the donations of state-of-the-art film and video equipment shipped to Yerevan for the Manana group through the generous assistance of the United Armenian Fund. Our special thanks go to Jen Garikian, from Sony pictures for the donations.






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