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Spotlight >> Henri Verneuil

Henri Verneuil, Armenian Screenwriter Henri Verneuil's birthname was Achod Malakian. Born to Armenian parents in 1920, in Rodosto, Turkey, his family fled to France and settled in Marseilles when he was a young child. He later recounted his childhood experience in the novel Mayrig, which he dedicated to his mother and made into a 1991 film with the same name. He made the sequel, 588 Rue Paradis, the following year. In 1947, he had an idea for a short film set in Marseilles which he proposed to the famous comedian Fernandel. The comic liked it, and thus began a long-lasting partnership which produced such popular film hits as Forbidden Fruit, The Sheep Has Five Legs, and The Cow and I. Verneuil also had an important collaboration with Jean Gabin, starting with Les Gens sans Importance in 1955 and continuing with A Monkey in Winter, Any Number Can Win, and The Sicilian Clan in 1969. The commercial success of those films was invaluable to the filmmaker, and opened the door to a number of big-budget international productions, including The 25th Hour, Guns for San Sebastian (both starring Anthony Quinn ), and Night Flight to Moscow starring Yul Brynner and Henry Fonda. Ironically, however, these projects did not turn out to be as successful as his French-made action thrillers with Jean-Paul Belmondo: The Burglars, Night Caller, and Les Morfalous. Verneuil received an honorary César award in 1996 for the body of his work. He died in January 2002.
588 RUE PARIS (1993), aka Mother (USA)
MAYRIG (1993) (mini) TV Serie, aka Mother (USA)
MAYRIG (1992), aka Mother (USA)
Mille milliards de dollars (1982), aka A Thousand Billion Dollars
I... comme Icare (1979), I as In Icarus
Corps de mon ennemi, Le (1976), aka Body of My Enemy
Peur sur la ville (1975), aka Fear Over the City (USA), Poliziotto della brigata criminale, Il (Italy), The Night Caller (UK)
Serpent, Le (1973), aka Night Flight from Moscow (USA), Schlange, Die (West Germany), Serpente, Il (Italy), The Serpent (USA)
Casse, Le (1971), aka Scassinatori, Gli (Italy), The Burglars (USA)
Clan des Siciliens, Le (1969), The Sicilian Clan (USA)
Bataille de San Sebastian, La (1968), aka Cañones de San Sebastián, Los (Mexico), Cannoni di San Sebastian, I (Italy), Guns for San Sebastian (USA)
Vingt-cinquième heure, La (1967), aka The 25th Hour, Venticinquesima ora, La (Italy)
Week-end à Zuydcoote (1964), aka Weekend at Dunkirk (UK) (USA)
Cent mille dollars au soleil (1964), aka Centomila dollari al sole (Italy), Greed in the Sun
Mélodie en sous-sol (1963), aka Any Number Can Win (USA), Anyone Can Win, Big Grab, Colpo grosso al casino (Italy), The Big Snatch (UK)
Un singe en hiver (1962), aka A Monkey in Winter (USA), It's Hot in Hell (UK)
Lions sont lâchés, Les (1961), aka Leoni scatenati, I (Italy), The Lions Are Loose (USA)
Président, Le (1961), aka The President (UK), Presidente, Il (Italy)
Française et l'amour, La (1960) (segment "Adultère, L'"), aka Francese e l'amore, La (Italy), Love and the Frenchwoman (USA)
Affaire d'une nuit, L' (1960), It Happened All Night (USA), It Happened at Night (UK)
Vache et le prisonnier, La
(1959), aka The Cow and I (USA), Vacca e il prigioniero, La (Italy)
Grand chef, Le (1959), aka Gangster Boss (USA), Noi gangsters (Italy), The Big Chief
Maxime (1958)
Une manche et la belle (1957), aka The Evil That Is Eve, What Price Murder?
Paris, Palace Hôtel (1956), aka Paris Hotel, Paris-Palace Hôtel
Amants du Tage, Les (1955), aka Lovers' Net; The Lovers of Lisbon (UK)
Des gens sans importance (1955), aka People of No Importance
Mouton à cinq pattes, Le (1954), aka The Sheep Has Five Legs (USA)
Ennemi public no 1, L'
(1953), aka Nemico pubblico numero uno, Il (Italy), Public Enemy Number One. The Most Wanted Man (USA), The Most Wanted Man in the World
Carnaval (1953)
Boulanger de Valorgue, Le (1953), aka Me li mangio vivi (Italy), The Wild Oat (USA)
Brelan d'as (1952), aka Full House
Fruit défendu, Le (1952), aka Forbidden Fruit (UK) (USA)
Table aux crevés, La (1952), aka The Hunting Ground (International), Village Feud (UK)
Art d'être courtier, L'
Légende de Terre-Blanche, La (1950)
Maldonne (1950)
On demande un bandit (1950)
Pipe chien (1950)
Nouveaux misérables, Les (1949)
588 rue paradis (1993)
"Mayrig" (1993) (mini) TV Series (novel) (screenplay)
Mayrig (1992) (also novel)
Morfalous, Les (1984)
Mille milliards de dollars (1982)
I... comme Icare (1979)
Corps de mon ennemi, Le
Peur sur la ville (1975) (also story)
Serpent, Le (1973)
Casse, Le (1971)
Clan des Siciliens, Le (1969)
Vingt-cinquième heure, La (1967)
Cent mille dollars au soleil (1964)
Président, Le (1961)
Vache et le prisonnier, La (1959) (screenplay)
Grand chef, Le (1959)
Maxime (1958)
Une manche et la belle (1957)
Paris, Palace Hôtel (1956)
Des gens sans importance (1955), aka People of No Importance (International)
Mouton à cinq pattes, Le (1954)
Fruit défendu, Le (1952) (adaptation), aka Forbidden Fruit (UK) (USA)
Table aux crevés, La (1952) (screenplay), aka The Hunting Ground (International), Village Feud (UK)
Légende de Terre-Blanche, La (1950)
Maldonne (1950)
Pipe chien (1950) (adaptation)
588 rue paradis (1993) (uncredited) — A priest in an Armenian church
Morfalous, Les (1984) (uncredited) — Le voix de l'annonceur radio
I... comme Icare (1979) (uncredited) — Le technicien régie TV/La voix du présentateur au cabaret
Corps de mon ennemi, Le (1976) (voice) (uncredited) — L'annonceur à la gare
Affaire d'une nuit, L' (1960) (uncredited) — Man in restaurant
Mille milliards de dollars (1982)
Corps de mon ennemi, Le (1976)
Serpent, Le (1973)
Casse, Le (1971)
"Histoire du cinéma français par ceux qui l'ont fait" (1974) TV Series
San Sebastian 1746 in 1968 (1968) (uncredited)
Spécial Noël: Jean Gabin (1960) (TV)

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